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birth story

Birth Story

I would say my early labor started consistently on Sunday, June 19th. I had quite consistent and increasing contractions along with some cramping that evening into the night. I went to bed hopeful and the activity spaced out and faded. Monday I tried to stay really busy KNOWING labor was coming sometime soon :) On Saturday the 18th I cleaned my entire house crazy style and told my friends if I was still pregnant the next Saturday and had to do all this again I would be very irritated! Tuesday I went in for my appointment an internal exam to be found I was dialated 1-2. That afternoon I felt contractions, I think the exam somewhat prompted them. Again I stayed really active and contraction kept coming. Macy stayed the night with her wonderful Aunt Rana as I was having contractions and really hoped I would go into labor that night. Jeremy and I went out to eat and I had contractions every 3-5 minutes they entire time. After eating we went to Walmart to do some shopping and more importantly some WALKING! I wanted these contractions to do their job!! And they did. Contractions were getting stronger and more frequent. We came home made sure we had everything together and I laid down at about 1am. I slept off and on and of course the contractions fizzled out and became sporadic. I was up again by 4am and was tired but manageable. I did some dishes, took a shower, having contractions. We decided to go up to the hospital and just check out was going on. The dr examined me and I was a good 2. Whoopie!! I was sorta discouraged but after talking it out we decided to have my water broke and let the fun begin. So, around 9:30am, my dr broke my water and they started pitocin. I was offered an epidural around 10 but didn’t feel ready for one yet. I just labored it out, the contractions weren’t bad at all. I went ahead and asked for my epidural around 12:00 because the anesthesiologist on duty was WONDERFUL and I didn’t want him going into surgery and I would have to receive my epi from someone else. I had full epidural around 12:30 and felt great. I watched some Gilmore Girls on my laptop, edited a few photos, and just enjoyed my time  Let me tell you, THAT’S the way to labor!!! I was allowed to drink but restricted on food. I was STARVING!!
I really didn’t feel I was progressing quick enough. I was a 4 by noon. I decided I needed a nap and fell asleep a little. The nurse checked me at around 2:30 and I was a 5-6. But things started to feel drastically different. I could literally see and feel my belly lowering. My monitors weren’t picking up peanut and I told them, baby is moving lower. So, they would adjust again this went on for about 45 mins. At 3:20 they checked me because I could tell my body was changing. And of course, I’m a 10!! And instantly start getting the shakes, which is a normal side effect of being in the transition phase of labor. The nurse called my dr and they set my room up for delivery! We were having a baby!! I was so nervous!!! I texted my friends and told them to submit their final gender and size guesses baby was on the way!!!
I started to feel nauseous just nasty. I really didn’t want to throw up but knew I would. And I did. My dr didn’t want me having to deliver throwing up so he waited it out on having me push until I was ready. We did a few practice pushes and I had tears streaming down my face because I didn’t WANT to cry and throw up. I felt horrible. But I looked at the dr said lets do this. So, with tears flowing and me fighting back vomit I pushed three times and heard the first cry of my beautiful brand new baby. Jeremy looked at me and said, so what do you think it is?? I said I’m tired of the games, just tell me, and at 4:40pm Ashton David was welcomed into this life. Jeremy said, it’s a BOY!!!! You have a boy. We have a boy. Our amazing little man weighed 7lbs 2oz and measured in at 21”. My friend Misty guessed it right on with a BOY and 7lbs 2oz!!!!
I truly had an amazing experience. After I checked out Ashton, I had to ask for another bag and vomited again :( The nurse was able to get me some Zofran and I felt better right away. Ashton is a great little guy. So chill. He sleeps well and nurses good. We had a slow start because the little guy has been so sleepy but really has done just fine. We love him and Macy Grace is a great big sister. He has fit right in and I’m just overloaded with joy and blessings!!!

I'm alive!!!!!

I'm here and ALIVE!!!! hahaha.....
news, stories, and pics to come soon :)

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