Monday, September 20, 2010


I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of beauty and today was going to be a great day. Until I realized it was only 6am. Ugh. I laid in bed until my lil love called for me to snuggle with her at around 7:20 and I knew I couldn't put off the inevitable any longer, it was indeed morning.
After I warmed her milk and poured her sippy, I opened the front door to allow the warmeth of the sunrise to shine in along with the cool morning breeze. She asked to go sit outside and drink her milk and eat her goldfish, so I poured my cereal and cut my banana and out to the porch we went. I love our snuggle and quiet times together. Nothing was said between us. And actually after a few minutes she crawled up on my lap with goosebumps covering her sweet little arms and snuggled in drinking her nice warm milk. It was in those moments, while my cereal was getting soggy and my bananas were practically mush, while I wrapped my billowy mini me in my safe arms I watched the sun begin to rise that life is beautiful.
Enjoy your day my friends. xoxo.

Monday, September 13, 2010

blogging burnout.....

I hate this because I have SO much I need to document about our lives and truly, I just don't feel like doing it....
I blogged so much that I just feel like I'm burnout. I need a revival!! I'll try to get back on the wagon.
Bascially the only reason I even stopped by was because Ashton is growing like crazy and I wanted to look at my archives of Macy to compare!!
Have a great day!

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