Tuesday, September 30, 2008

week 36: Wee fingers o' steel

Fetal development in pregnancy week 36:
The countdown continues… and in fetal developments: most of the bones (soft skull aside) in their little body are now completely hardened, providing a solid structure from which they can now make their grand debut into the world. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are structurally ready for a secure launch. In physical fitness news: their muscle tone has also improved over these past few weeks, and you’ll definitely be impressed by their steel-like Ulnar grasp (a newborn reflex that occurs if you lay your finger in their palm). And in genital development: if you’re having a girl, her labia are now fully developed. Finally, in the fluids/excretion department: the amniotic fluid-to-baby ratio has fallen over these past weeks, although they’re still swallowing fluid (building up even more meconium for that historic first poop), and some vernix caseosa. They will be more than ready to swallow and digest milk after birth. Just in case you didn’t get it quite yet: you’ve got yourself an adorable and hungry 6.5 lbs 20 inch baby—are you ready?

And how's mom doing? If you haven’t done so already, you’re going to need to take the time to do some baby-proofing. We know you don’t have loads of energy right now, but waiting until your little crawler is getting into the Drain-o or sticking their finger in a light socket just isn’t the safest strategy. There are plenty articles and check lists to assist you in making sure your home is a safe place for your new explorer (check out sites like: amazon.com’s safety products, and BabyCenter's buying guides (follow link to safety section). Go ahead and fix those broken cupboard latches and window screens. Hide or toss out harmful chemicals, detergents and aerosols as newborns are typically very sensitive to air-born agents and toxic cleaning supplies and if exposed, babies can easily breakout with rashes, have belabored breathing and watery eyes, along with others signs of irritation. Simply thinking about removing all these products can be overwhelming, so start small if necessary. Use vinegar to dust instead of Lysol, and if you’re planning on painting the nursery, try to stay away from the industry-standard synthetic mixes. Also, think about purchasing organic or dermatologist approved cotton comforters and pillows for the crib. It’s a nuisance to think about right now—but trust us: once your child is on the outside, you’re going to have a lot less time to be dealing with baby-proofing.

And the plan was to add some 36 week belly pics, yeah, well, I can't take them of myself, so I have to wait until Jeremy gets home to take a few =)

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Monday, September 29, 2008


So, I've had 2 painful contractions thus far - and let me say, yowzerrs. One yesterday and one today. Today I was visiting with some parents and as soon as they left I turned around and looked at my aid and grabbed the desk and said, "I'm having a contraction." Bless her heart, she just stared at me, and asked, are you going into labor? Uh...no, but this is good practice. It lasted about a minute and it hurt, but just felt like extreme menstrual cramping and my belly was hard.

Now, listen lil bean, this is good practice and you can keep it up, but don't fool with my emotions. In the next few weeks we need to be gearing up for the real deal, just remember that.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

35 and 35

I have successfully completed 35 weeks of pregnancy and have exactly 35 days left until d-day!!!! Can you believe it? 35, 35, 35...I'm doing the 35 dance =)Thirty-five...dum, duh, dum, da-dum,
(I made that dance up in case you were wondering....hehehehehe)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I had my 35th week dr's appt today and everything is fine and dandy with the bean. I had my group b strep test and will have the tests results back in approximately a week. If I test positive I will need to be on antibiotics during the birth. I had my weigh in which was surprising. In the last two weeks, I lost 1/2 of a lb and have kept my weight gain at 21 lbs total thus far. I'm proud of myself =) I know that at any moment I could explode and run with 10 more pounds, but I don't expect it. My biggest weight gains were months 6 and 7 and that is what most people told me to expect. My blood pressure was perfect and I'm measuring right on track. I asked the dr if expects me to have a 9 lb baby (I'm nervous, thanks to two friends who in the last month have both given birth a week over due to at least 9 lb babies! yikes!) and he looked at me like I had lost my head and said no. So, that is assuring! The bean was exteremly active, but he caught a heart rate at 150 bpm. How's that for the old wives tale, boy or girl, how knows at this point? Not even my dr, he said he can't remember!

I go back in two weeks then I'll visit the lovely office once a week until d-day. Wow, I'm having a baby =)

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for old times sake

I was sitting here and looking through some old emails I had and came across the ones that I received after making our 'big announcement'. I am so blessed with a multitude of friends and family that I love so much. They had many kind words for me and Jeremy and we are very thankful. So, of course, I had to watch the video again, it is so special to me. Wow, I remember the night I was working on this, just a measly few weeks pregnant, how excited I was. And here I am with tears in my eyes knowing I'll be a mom in just a few short weeks. It is an undescriable feeling. I'm in awe. I cannot tell you how blessed I am. Thank you, Lord, for this blessing of pregnancy, it is a blessing.
Enjoy the video =)

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

week 35 - hey it IS getting cramped in here

Fetal development in pregnancy week 35:
Congratulations! You’re now carrying nearly 6 lbs of baby not counting their amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord, or the placenta itself. We’re impressed because that’s a LOT of work non-stop. Are you feeling proud of yourself yet? Well, get to it—you’ve done an amazing job! At this point, your little grower is almost busting out of the womb size-wise, which make their restricted attempts to move much challenging. Of course, your stubborn little sucker is still trying to move around as if they weren’t in a cramped space. And the accumulationg baby fat deposits are starting to level off so your little butter ball will be padded and warm when they head out of their super snug little home.

And how's mom doing? We’re sure you’ve noted that the contractions are picking up and despite the obvious appeal of getting the pregnancy over with at this point, try not to jump the gun too soon by declaring actual labor. Of course, if it’s getting to the point where you’re having contractions continuously — you're in labor, and yes, it's time for the "grab your bags we’re gonna have a baby" rush. For the rest of you not yet in labor, your watermelon-betwixt-my-legs waddle is as charming as ever, not to mention the glorious ongoing back pain and fatigue. Hang in there! Once you’ve got your miracle baby on the outside, this will all be a dim memory. So, catch the cat naps whenever possible and keep yourself hydrated with water and try to imagine how all of this will (hopefully) be much funnier in hindsight.

Your doctor or midwife should soon start monitoring cervical effacement (thinning of the cervix) and dilation in order to predict labor. If your cervix is already dilated labor is probably not far away—although there are some moms who walk around with a dilated cervix for a couple of days prior to labor. And if you haven’t heard about the joys of discharging the mucus plug (which protects the uterus from infection) along with some spotting, commonly called “bloody show”—both are signs that labor is around the corner. Should you discharge anything unusual in consistency and/or coloration, don’t hesitate to call you health care providor, it’s probably nothing, but you certainly don’t need the extra stress right now.

Let’s talk about pain. Reports on the intensity of pain experienced during labor and childbirth are widely varied from woman to woman.

The pain experienced depends on several things including your own natural pain threshold, medication, birthing position, fetal position, previous births, your general health and the actual birthing environment. Of course, there are natural births, cesarean deliveries, spinals, IV’s and other pain medications, all of which also play into how you experience pain during child birth.

Ideally, you should attempt to be as relaxed as possible and willing to accept the pain as part of the birthing process. In reality, your experience of the birthing process is unique to your body and how you choose to respond to it. Pain is a two part process: the first part is the physical experience of the pain and the second is your emotional reaction to your experience—and that is the part you have the most control over. Choosing to accept and endure the pain of child-birth (with or without medication) can be an empowering experience for any woman, as well as making the birthing process notably easier for those assisting you.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

borrowed humor

I was visiting mommymoreno's blog and she had these two things on there, and I thought they were perfect.

and explain to me one more time exactly HOW the bean is coming out?!?

But thats not the only thing on my mind this week ... mostly I've been praying for patience.

... just in case my prayers for a sleepy, non-colicky baby arent heard.

I know its an absolute waste of time to be scared - but I am. Scared out of my mind!! There just is no other way to describe it. The fears started out small this week and have grown substantially ...

After we overcome this special challenge of getting her to the outside world - Will this baby be too big to fit in all the newborn clothes that I have already ripped the tags off of and washed??

Will I ever get sleep again after the bean comes and before he/she starts Kindergarten??

Will I be reduced to a stressed out mess of a woman that cries, washes pint size clothes and barely takes a minute to shower because her main job is to be a walking feed bag???

and dare I ask -

Will my backside EVER look like it did 9 months ago?

Yup - I said it. Call me vain - I dont care. These are my fears and thank GOD that these are the worst of them.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I took Jeremy's credit card away from him

and ordered furniture for the bean! It is very exciting. It should be here in about 2 weeks or so. Here it is:

and I ordered my sling. I'm so excited about this. You'll have to stay around after the bean is born to get a review of the product, but I think I'll really enjoy it. Or at least I hope so.

I also have a list of a few more things we will need to get before the bean arrives, it's getting closer =)

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 34: Upside-down baby!

Fetal development in pregnancy week 34:
Your amazing baby is on the move! They’ve been riding fairly high in your stretched-out womb till now (while kindly compressing your poor internal organs), but now they’re planning on making the big move to your pelvis this week. If you haven’t noticed it already, you’ll be feeling the weight shift that signals that your baby is most likely out of breech position, with their head now resting on your pubic bone. In liver news: although not quite fully formed, your little miracle’s liver is now capable of processing a certain amount of waste. In general, most of your child’s prenatal physical development is pretty much up to snuff and ready for the outside world. Naturally, further weight gain is expected—so you’re still not at maximum capacity despite probably feeling like you definitely are maxed out.

And how's mom doing? Obviously the big change for you is the notable weight shift (known as “lightening” or “engagement”). Now that your baby is resting deeper in your pelvis, you may find yourself walking as if you're carrying a watermelon between your legs. Yes dear, you’re officially “waddling” these days, try to comfort yourself with this thought: it’s nearly over. Soon, you’ll just have to carry your adorable little watermelon in your arms. And in a rare spate of good news: this weight shift means you can breathe easier now that your lungs aren’t compressed. The not-so-good news, it’s a trade off: (we’ll wait till you’re back from the restroom) this new position has your poor bladder even more squished than before. We’d recommend writing your bladder little love poems to convince it not to leave you altogether, but unfortunately bladders don’t speak English (only Italian love poems will do).

If you've recently noticed some less-than-appealing itchy red bumps on your belly (and possibly around your thighs and belly), you've got yourself a harmless but not fun round of pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP if your don't have the patience for the full name). If you feel itchy ALL over your body, that's different, and you should call your health care practitioner as this could be a liver problem.

At your next check up you can expect your physician to conduct a Group B Streptococci test (GBS), a common bacteria screening. As long as you have a strong immune system, you’re in the clear (one more reason to eat right and exercise!), but your little one is more susceptible to serious health complications (including meningitis, pneumonia and blood infection) if not diagnosed and treated properly—so the tests are good for some peace of mind. Hang in there momma, you’re already a super-star for making it this far!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Have you ever woke up at 3am just CRAVING a cherry coke snow cone? I have, nuf, said.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

completely scattered

It feels like I have so much to share, and I just don't know where to start...

I do have a positive thing, and that is I slept great last night and took a nap today so, I feel pretty good. Now, I hope I can sleep tonight!
I've been thinking alot on the nursery and everything I still need to get for the baby. I'm thinking the discover card will be put into overdrive this week! I definitely need to order the furniture THIS week. It's just so crazy thinking about having a baby in a few, very short weeks. I've been contemplating about what color to paint the room. I can't decide between a really light icy silvery blue or an ivory color. I'm leaning more towards the blue. Because optimistically I'm hoping it happens this coming week, I said optimistically. It will seem SO real when that happens, I know it.
My mind just shuffles from thought to thought and thing to do to thing to do and it's hard work keeping up sometimes. Today I came across a really cute idea for the a picture collage for over the crib, I think I'm going to try it. I just have so much I'm wanting to do with the nursery and I change my mind too often.
I'm also contemplating the whole, sleeping in the crib from the first night thing to sleeping in a bassinet beside the bed. It's a tough call, and one that I think I'm only going to be able to know what to do when the baby gets here. We'll try several options, and see what works the best I suppose. I also can't decide on a glider/rocker in the nursery. I think I'm going to pass and if I decide I really want one, I'll move it in there as opposed to the living room.
I also need to decide on a diaper bag. I need one. I should get one. But can't find one that I just LOVE. Plus, do I get black or brown...oh the decisions. I'm thinking about two different ones right now. I'm just so picky and it's hard to shop over the net. I feel like I need to see it in person and touch it.

I've done basically nothing all day and should get busy doing something. Clean the kitchen perhaps? Or how about make a list of things I need to buy? Go make dinner? Ugh, eating is overrated.

I'm off, I'll be back with more, trust me.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

I had to get this out before I forgot it, as a matter of fact at 3am I almost measled my way here to do just that...I fought the urge.
I dreamed about the baby again. The thing is, is that I don't dream about bringing the baby at home and all the fun stuff to come, I dream about HAVING the baby, it weighs heavily on my mind! Last night's dream included me and Jeremy at the hospital. He was passed out asleep and I was just laying there in the bed. It was about 11pm and Dr. K came in to preform a c-section. He was all by himself. He had no staff and performed it right in the room. I was questioning the c-section and he said, well, you can lay here and labor for hours or in 20 minutes I can have this baby out, which do you want? I was drugged up and not thinking and didn't say anything at all. I was dumbfounded. He performed the c-section and left. I never saw the baby. It was around 5am and I still hadn't seen the baby and no nurses had come in. My friend, who works at the hospital, came in and I started crying. I was afraid. I explained to her that I had a c-section, and I still hadn't seen my baby or any nurses. Then a man came in to 'clean me out' and deliver my placenta. I started crying and told him I didn't know what I was doing, and he said not to worry because he did. Whatever he was doing hurt so bad. My friend freaked out and went off on this man and nurses started coming in. It was horrible. I woke up very frightened and replaying this is my mind was freaky. I can't remember specifically if it was a boy or girl, but I'm thinking I refered to him as a boy.

Anywho, that is that, and the dreams just keep coming. There isn't one day, hardly one hour that passes that I'm not thinking about this baby. I've never been so in love and attached to someone I've never met. It is so exciting =)

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just checking to see if this works, my siggy...do ya like it?
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I went from this

to this

hehehe and it's not over yet.....

I had a dr's appt today and it went very good. Dr. K was in surgery so after waiting 40 minutes his nurse saw me and I just really like her. She is very informative and is willing to explain everything to you and understand your questions. I am measuring exactly on track and the bean's heartrate was 154. My blood pressure is perfect for me and my weight stayed the same from the past 2 weeks, so that is a plus - up a total of 22 lbs. My next appt is in 2 weeks and I will be checked internally for some type of virus that if I'm positive for, they will treat at birth. I didn't catch the name of the virus they will be checking for.
I can't believe how fast time has flown by and at the same time, crept by. I was telling the nurse how I'm anxious and I suppose you could say, scared, about delivery, but she just assured me that in the moment your body just takes over. She said you start working with the contractions and realize you can't be pregnant forever so, the baby MUST come out. I know all that, but it's just comforting to hear it from a 'trained professional' hehehe =)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my 33rd week...wow!

How many times have I said that this is just CRAZY!?!? Well, it is, and here is the bean's progress at a mere 33 weeks:

Fetal development in pregnancy week 33:
For all the weight and bulk you’re lugging around these days, you’d think your little champ should weigh much more than a mere 5 lbs and measly 17 inches in height, but nope, that’s about the average size for a baby in its thirty-third week. In terms of appearances, they’re getting cuter and pudgier every minute as they pile on the baby fat for those adorable little wrist rolls and chubby toes. And as we’re sure you’ve already noticed they’re getting stronger with every passing day. Nowadays, it’s possible to observe a well-placed kick just by watching your belly—but you already knew that didn’t you? Although they’re getting stronger, your bigger-by-the-day baby is losing space to move around, so the actual rate of movement will drop off in the last few weeks, despite that powerful drop-kick they’ve been working on. Hey, did you know you’ll continue feeling their movements even during labor?

And how's mom doing? Here’s a good way to deal with your mounting impatience: map out your plan of action for the big day. It’s an important and necessary step that’s also pretty soothing and fun. So, get out a piece of paper and pen. If you think about it, planning all the details now can be a real saving grace once the chaos and pain of labor starts up. This would include having a packed bag with a change of comfortable clothes, reading material, maybe an i-pod and your camera or camcorder (whichever you decide, if any at all). Know your driving route to the health center. Or if you’re delivering at home, make sure you have the delivery room prepared (equipped with your most favorite soothing music), and all necessary instruments and materials ready for use. Of course, get your doctor or midwife on speed-dial. Massaging the perineum (the area around the vagina) can reduce your chance of it tearing during delivery and there’s no time like the present to start. Be on your toes (not literally, just mentally) as it's now totally conceivable you might have to spring into action any day! Then again, it might still be another seven weeks.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

another dream

I swear, it's nothing I eat, I just have the most weird dreams sometimes! So here goes for last nights dream:
I dreamt that I went to the hospital, I suppose I thought I was in labor. I was 33 weeks, and laying the hospital bed. Jeremy was not with me. There were two other ladies in the room. They were timing my contractions. And I got a really hard one and I sneezed at the same time, causing my water to break!?! And then I had the baby. It weighed 4lbs. Such a tiny thing, but had absolutely no problems breathing or health wise. Everything was just great! I don't remember the labor part. I never do. Not just in real life, but in the dream. I HAVE NEVER dreamt of laboring, never. I always have the baby and can't recall a thing about the delivery - in my dream. And I seems to always recall that I never remember actually HAVING the baby. Well, after the baby was born, the ladies were like, well, it must not have really hurt, and I couldn't remember how it felt. I just said that the 'ring of fire' was still burning. Well, Jeremy still wasn't there. I called him and told him to come up there. And I told the dr's and nurses and everyone in the room not to tell me if it was a boy or girl until Jeremy got there. So, I didn't hold the baby until Jeremy got there. Then when he was there he asked if it was a boy or girl and I told him I didn't know, so we held the baby and the nurses told us, it was a BOY!!! We were so excited. We immediately named him Ashton and were in love. The other part of that is that I never saw him bloody and covered in water and mucus. Well, then I looked in the mirror and I didn't even look like I had had a baby. Basically no one knew we had the baby. I texted my parents to come up to the hospital but didn't tell them why, when they arrived we told them we had the baby and showed him to them. That basically summarized the whole thing. There were other little quirks and stuff but that's the jest of the story.

So, this is like my 3rd dream that I've had since being pregnant that the baby was a boy. I've never dreamt it was a girl, Jeremy has once, and it was the only dream he has had of the baby. It's so weird. And in all my dreams, I never, ever recall the labor and delivery. Is that God's way of protecting me!?! I mean, yikes, I don't know what I'm in for already! I love dreaming about the baby, it's so fun. I can't believe it won't be long and the lil bean will be in the my arms. Sigh.

just joking

so obviously the story and pics didn't happen, humph, sorry, I'm holding out for early next week, we will see....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

stay tuned....

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll have some pics and a story to share....

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

clothing for the bean

I couldn't help myself last night, these outfits were just too adorable to pass up! Now, I know I have more boy clothes featured, but that's because it is hard to find cute boy clothes in comparision with girl clothes (which trust me, I have stocked up on!).

Now can't you just imagine the lil bean wearing this outfit this fall with some adorable leggings!?! It screams "pick-me-up-and-kiss-me"!

another dr's appt

I never updated on my last dr's appt. It was last Tuesday and aside from my semi-breakdown to the nurse, it was anticlimatic. I just was really overwhelmed and have had alot on my plate lately so when the nurse asked if I had any questions, I said no, but went back on that and started crying. She assured me that I am very normal and it is okay. It certainly is an emotional time, so not to feel bad! I did discuss some cramping and she said as long it doesn't increase or isn't accompanied by a change in discharge, then it most likely is normal. She assured me that if I have any questions at all, just to call. I also mentioned my struggle with sleep. She said that while she feels it's 'mother nature' preparing me for motherhood, it would be okay to take some meds to help with relax me and help me sleep better. She recommended tylenol pm, benadryl, or even dramamine.
The dr measured me and I'm right on target, my blood pressure is great, and the bean's heartrate was at 150. The scariest part of it all was my weigh in. I have gained 22 lbs as of last week, yikes! It is so hard. I don't eat more than I used to, it's just different. My friends all assure me that it's all belly, but I feel like it's not. And I know I've grown since last week, so, it could get scary! Actually, I'm going to buy a new battery for my scale at home so I can be weighing myself again. It sorta helps with the initial shock of what I weigh besides just seeing it in the dr's office. Oy. Things are moving right along, literally and I love it. I now see the dr every 2 weeks! The countdown is getting closer =)

Week 32: Mommy, you're HOT!

I just realized I never did an update with my 32nd week progress...here it is!

Fetal development in pregnancy week 32:
In the latest womb reports, your amazing baby has now developed sensitivity to temperature! This means you’ll probably get a swift kick if you put a hot pad on your ginormous belly. For the Elton John lovers out there-- yes, baby’s got blue eyes. At this point, all babies do, although depending on their chromosomal disposition, this could easily change after birth (or even between now and labor), but for the time being, blue it is. Thanks to their recently matured lungs and a remarkably strong immune system, over 90% of babies born in their 32nd week, survive premature births. So it’s pretty much a done deal. Even if your little monkey’s planning on heading out early, their survival odds are in everyone’s favor. Time to celebrate (no, no, wait until after the birth to crack open the champagne!) We’re talking baby-showers and alcohol-free punch!

And how's mom doing? If your family or significant other is around and involved, it’s probably time to start discussing what’s going to happen when you really go into labor. Of course, the delivery itself can be quite overwhelming for first-time viewers, so make sure and openly discuss the fact there will be blood, sweat, mucous, and possibly even a bit of poop (if you didn’t know already, it’s likely that while in labor and pushing, you also push out a bit of the ol’ number 2—it’s totally normal if not a little disgusting). Even the weak-stomached birthing buddies can still help to make the labor-process more bearable with breathing assistance, massages, and constant reassurance and cheering: "Yay! That was a great contraction honey!" (Now run! Before she breaks your wrist!). For the more blood-bold and not so faint of heart, the positions of cameraman, baby-catcher, and/or umbilical cord-cutter are always available—just talk to your doctor or mid-wife beforehand so they can be prepared to deal with an extra person during the birthing process.

Surprise! Your third trimester symptoms aren’t going away yet. If you just got back from peeing, you already know that your bladder is nearing non-existent-land. These joys will persist till you’re on the birthing bench. Also, be careful of lightheadedness during these last weeks. Your blood tends to pool in the lower limbs, resulting in low cranial blood pressure. So, watch out for the head rushes and get up nice-n-slow after sitting for long periods.

Wow, and the belly, I'm REALLY growing!

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