Sunday, August 31, 2008

how fun

Last night Jeremy and I went to the long awaited concert of a 'lifetime'! Okay, not really, but in our part of the country it is very rare to get a concert of this size. We bought tickets the first day and it was a sold out event! It was amazing. The reason I love this group so much is that they are so real. They show their life to you. They don't get up there and 'perform'. They got on stage so humbly with the attitude of worship and ministry. I have a few pictures, but also, a video clip. I took it with my digital camera, so it certainly isn't a great quality, but you can get the idea! One of my other favorite songs, they did sing, but I didn't catch that it was what they were leading into so, I didn't have my camera ready. Here are some pics:

It certainly was an amazing night!

eta: I never was able to upload the video for whatever reason, sorry, I'll still work on it, and I just realized I never said who the concert was - CASTING CROWNS!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

my lil bean

I was sitting here just watching the ultrasound pictures and thought it was blog worthy to note how absolutely adorable the bean is. It's getting closer and closer and I'm SO excited!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

100th post!

My blog is officially a blog, I've reached my 100th post! So, in honor of tradition, here are 100 things about me (or life in general!)

1. I am a Baptist Christian.
2. For life.
3. I love God.
4. And my family.
5. And my church.
6. As a matter of fact I grew up in the same church I now attend.
7. And graduated from it's christian school.
8. Then attended a Baptist Bible College.
9. I majored in Christian Education.
10. I am now a school teacher.
11. I specialize in learning to read.
12. I really enjoy my job.
13. I'll miss it when I stop working.
14. Which will be this year, it's my last for awhile.
15. Because I'm having a baby.
16. But you know that because my blog is titled a bean in my belly.
17. I only have about 2 months left before I crack open.
18. I don't care if it's a boy.
19. Or a girl.
20. Nor if it's healthy.
21. I mean I would like a healthy baby, and I want it to live, but if it has a 'difficulty', or 'special needs', or 'deformation', I will still love it.
22. And it will be perfect no matter what.
23. I'm already so in love with this baby.
24. It truly is a miracle.
25. And a blessing.
26. I love feeling the baby move.
27. It is a surreal and amazing feeling.
28. I also love photography.
29. I don't feel that I'm very good at it though.
30. But I am trying to learn.
31. It's a long process.
32. It's more than just 'shooting a picture'!
33. It takes me forever to proof pictures because I'm a huge critic.
34. Miranda, I'm still working on 'em ;)
35. They will be done before I have this baby.
36. Even if that includes refusing labor until all are completed!
37. I love my dog too.
38. His name is Jake.
39. He is a black lab, my furbaby.
40. He's ready for a sibling.
41. I've decided to do this post about things I love.
42. Which includes snow cones.
43. Shaved ice specifically.
44. Make that green apple!
45. Reading is also a love for me.
46. Hasn't always been that way.
47. Ask my teachers, I hated reading in school.
48. I didn't have an appreciation of it until my college years (imagine that!)
49. I mostly love reading fiction novels.
50. And I like series that take place 'back in the day'. Such as the 1800's and early 1900's.
51. I'm currently fascinated in a series on Amish, so interesting!
52. I'll also read how to books and practical living books.
53. And I'm into some pregnancy literature right now.
54. As a teacher, it's probably not surprising, but I love to learn.
55. Again, not something that was always in me.
56. If I could make a living just going to college and studying anything and everything, I would do it.
57. I have a deep appreciation for eduction and the well educated.
58. Another thing I love, which is at the top of my list is my husband.
59. His name is Jeremy.
60. I love how he loves to surprise me.
61. And it can be the most random thing, but if he can somehow surprise me with it, he will.
62. I even enjoy his sense of humor.
63. I don't tell him that often, I act like it's ridiculous, but truly it makes me smile.
64. I'm one of those girls who will just bust out laughing over something that happened yesterday!
65. I love love love to laugh =)
66. It's so healthy!
67. I know that my sense of humor is different than most and I can find humor in the weirdest things, so I just enjoy myself alot of the time.
68. Even when no one else is laughing.
69. It's also a defense mechanism for me.
70. I'll laugh when I don't know what else to do.
71. Or when I don't know what to say.
72. Sometimes I'll even laugh in a series situation, and it's not funny at all.
73. I'll even get the giggles and laugh forever over nothing.
74. One of my favorite things is to be sitting all alone and read something and just bust out laughing OUT LOUD, for real, not just lol. But seriously laugh out loud, it's great.
75. Something else that I love is decorating.
76. I'm not the best, but I love to think of what I would do if I had the money and time.
77. I'll search for something that I want until I find it or something very close to it.
78. But it has to be a good deal because I'm cheap.
79. I have the baby's room basically drawn out in detail of what I want where and how I want it.
80. Even the finest details.
81. Now I just need to get started on it.
82. I also LOVE the fall season - autumn.
83. It is such a cozy time to me.
84. Anything from apples to pumpkins to mums and pie, autumn is wonderful.
85. And the holiday season, it brings such warmeth to everyone.
86. Truly I love life, and all the seasons bring a nice to change.
87. Except for winter.
88. I don't mind cold weather and actually welcome it from Thanksgiving to New Years, but after that, bring on the spring.
89. January is the worst month in my opinion.
90. If we could just go from christmas to new years to March, I would be a happy camper.
91. Maybe I should have been a bear, then I would just sleep through those months.
92. And where I live, we really don't get a spring, sometimes not even a fall.
93. But I look forward to it nonetheless.
94. Of course summer.
95. I could go on and on about how great summer is, but I won't.
96. Because I'm almost done.
97. Let's see...I love...
98. sea salt scrub, lip gloss, my cell phone, the internet, my lap top, my camera, movies, fruit, chocolate, pizza, shoes, purses, clothes in general, animals, the outdoors, massages, pedicures/manicures, air conditioning/heating, tanning, the ocean, cruising, highlights, my FRIENDS, dishes (I have a weird obsession with always wanting dishes!), organization, my watch, my wedding ring, I'm pretty sure I could go on and on...
99. And my BED, yes, my bed. And trust me, it is SO comfy, it DID deserve it's own mention! I'm in love with my bed.
100. But the last thing and no doubt the most important is my faith and love in God. Everything I mentioned above I could loose in 2 seconds, and I would still have God. Nothing can take that away from me. It's a peace that passeth all understanding. A fullness of life and spirit. I know that I can go to sleep tonight and wake up with everything I have gone - my husband, my baby, my dog, my house, my car, and anything else, but if I'm still alive, then I still have God. He is my best friend in the whole world. I can lean on Him when I feel that my entire life has shattered from beneath me, and He's there, as strong and stable as ever.
I have a good life. I have a blessed life. I am very thankful for all these things, but most of all, for my Lord.

i think i might throw up

I just logged on this morning and saw that I only have 65 days left until my due date - 65! Oh, I'm sorry, maybe you didn't read that right SIXTY-FIVE, 65, 65, 65,

I might need to excuse myself to go throw up.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

31 weeks - another day...another ounce

Sheeesh, I don't like the sound of that title, especially considering the how the scale has been tipping, yikes!
This is what is happening in my uterous this week =)

Fetal development in pregnancy week:
Your not-so-little-one is just a bit closer to their birth weight and height at around 4 pounds and 17 inches. With each added layer of baby fat, your baby's skin starts to look more and more like it will when they finally get to see the light of day. The heavy news: you can expect your miracle-gro muffin to gain about a half a pound of weight per week from now until about two weeks before birth. Great. That's just what you needed. Even more weight to carry around!

Your baby's still-developing immune system has gained substantial strength over the past few weeks getting them in full gear to face our disease-ridden world o’ wonders. Obviously, a large majority of your child’s immune strength will be derived from exposure to breast milk as well as the outside elements. Their cute little noggin’ (which could already be covered with luscious locks or just purty peach fuzz), is still soft because the skull bones have not yet fused together. As much as that sounds a little too vulnerable, their “skull softness” allows for a much smoother passage through the birth canal during labor—something both you and your little swimmer will appreciate when it’s finally time to “go!” Also, some babies will have that “soft spot” on their head for up to one year after birth.

And how's mom doing? Have you felt anything you suspect might be contractions already? Braxton-Hick contractions are part and parcel of the second half of pregnancy and lucky for you, become more frequent during the third trimester. Cleverly dubbed “false labor” contractions, these spasms are an obnoxious fake-out and shouldn't be confused with premature labor. The fun part of having BH contractions is that it’s not unusual for them to be painful... and by fun, we mean “why oh why, does the third trimester mean everything is uncomfortable?” Still, just a heads up: if you notice the contractions more than four times in one hour, or even more glamorous—changes in your vaginal discharge, call your healthcare practitioner right away.

As for other third-trimester niceties; your nipples may be engaging in a bit of “pre-milk” expulsion at the most untimely moments. So next time you’ve got yourself a pair of damp head-lights in the grocery store, just go ahead and purchase the nursing pads to protect your clothes, bras, and any remaining shreds of dignity you can salvage.

As your magical growing baby obstinately refuses to shrink or give back any real-estate in your belly, you can sit back, "relax," and take in the heartburn and increased lower back pain. If you choose, you can always eat less with each meal, and instead opt for smaller more frequent meals, this should help the heartburn. As for your poor back, get off your feet and elevate them above your heart, double-check the names list, and how many key baby-items you’ve already got in your registry. If you’re lucky, you might just make it in less than eight weeks! Hang in there wonder-mom, we believe in you!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

these are a few of my favorite things

You know the christmas song, well, here is the pregnancy list:
chocolate milk
peanutbutter and banana sandwiches, actually I like it on one piece of bread, toasted is great too!
pudding - vanilla or chocolate or banana, hmmmm
cherry limeades
french dip and swiss toasted subs from Arby's
orange juice
chips and salsa or queso
pizza - cheese, pepperoni, hamburger, hawaiian, taco, even a fruit dessert pizza, yum, I'll take whatever!
truely, I think I could go on and on, I'm reeeeeally liking food right now, ugh, I wonder how much of that will show on the scale next week at my appointment, eek!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ah, the lil bean has hiccups, how cute is that? And remember to vote if you haven't, only 1 day left =)

30th week - goodbye monkey baby, hello roly

Fetal development in pregnancy week 30:
The light is visible at the end of the tunnel! Your oversized self and amazing growing baby have finally reached the single digits (in terms of weeks till birth)! The fine lanugo hair that has been growing all over their little monkey-like body is going to start falling off this week in preparation for the big day. But don’t be shocked if they’re hairier than you’d anticipated, some babies keep their lanugo until after birth. Still, it’s not any cause to be concerned as it will fall off eventually. No surprises here: your little porker is getting even cuter with increasingly pudgy arms and legs this week thanks to the ever-growing layers of subcutaneous fat. In terms of numbers, your baby should be weighing in at around 3 pounds 12 ounces (or more!) and be nearly 16 inches long.

And how's mom doing? On a very serious note: you should make sure to determine both you and your baby’s blood type. It’s extremely important for everyone. In the case that you and your maturing babe’s blood types don’t match there’s a chance you could produce antibodies that could potentially attack and harm a future fetus. It is rare, but with modern medicine, the problem is easily corrected and little cause for concern if dealt with properly.

As for the ongoing joys of being in your third trimester: your not-so-fun symptoms are just intensifying this week, so it might not hurt to slow down a bit and focus on yourself. If you’re feeling extra fatigued, you’ve probably joined the sleeping shouldn’t be this tough when I’m this tired club, especially if you’re experiencing a lot of back pain and general discomfort. If you’ve been pushing the exercise thing, then this is the time perhaps to cut down on the physical activities and focus more on getting proper sleep (if this means buying a pregnancy pillow, then do it!). Oh and all that moodiness? Just go with the flow emotionally. This doesn't mean letting the hormones win and becoming a complete psychotic. Instead, feel the feelings, but know that the drama you’re feeling is largely a result of increased adrenaline thanks indirectly to hormonal swings—not because things really are that dramatic and merit adult temper tantrums. The clincher symptom for this week: it’s highly likely your libido has gone on sabbatical. This, as far as we’re concerned, is perfectly natural in your condition.

And the growing belly:

an all too familiar routine

Yesterday was the first day of school, and it was most likely my last first day of school as a teacher for a VERY long time. Truthfully, I'm shady about beginnings, I was just ready to have that first day under my belt, and it is. When I rolled out of bed (literally!), drudged to the bathroom, turned on my favorite radio station for the morning show, and stepped in the shower, I was reminded very suddenly of all too familiar routine. I am a routine person. I normally do the same thing in the same way everyday. So, when I fell back in step so naturally with what I do every morning, I was reminded that this is my life for the next 9 months or so. Yikes. But I love it. I do. Or I wouldn't have went back.

The children were great! It is so fun to see their excited lil faces on the first day of school, so much anticipation =) Hopefully, they were not diappointed; so much is built up about going to school for the first time and the first day of school. Today should be a more organized and 'routine' day for the lil kiddos. I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories to share, they keep my life bouncing!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Truthfully, it doesn't seem like much is going on my life and yet it is absolutely crazy and can be overwhelming all the same. I was chatting with a friend today and just told her, I'm taking it one thing at a time. School starts tomorrow. I'm pretty much ready. There is a few things to do this evening, but overall, I feel much more organized and ready than I did a week ago. I put in some loooooong hours this week. I'm not complaining, I did it to myself. I played all summer, which was just oodles and oodles of fun, and dedicated the last week before school started to school =)
Now that school is starting and I will fall into a routine, I can focus on other things. First things first - Heart to Heart. We have our first meeting in September and while I have it pretty much under control, it will feel better once everything is spelled out and the first meeting is underway.
Then onto the housing front. Because I pretty much have NO CONTROL whatsoever about what is going on within (or without) these four walls, I just slap a happy smile on my face and go with it. Or at least I pretend to. Did I mention that the other day we did make a day trip to buy some carpet for the bean's nursery? So, things are moving, slowly but moving nonetheless. My goal tentatively is to have whatever it is that we are going to be doing with our nursery done by the first weekend of October. That gives me a few weeks to get everything else under control. However, I have learned not to get too comfortable in my plans. Things shift around here quite a bit and I'm ever-so-quickly learning to be flexible and go with the flow. It certainly has increased my knowledge on the stable fact that God is in control of every circumstance and He is working things out for my good. There is something I would like to share, but it will wait until I know more. I am just trusting God that in His timing things tend to work out better than in my own. So...that is where I'm at.
I told my friend today that when people start conversing with me, it's always, "Hi, how's the pregnancy? How are you feeling? Doing okay? School's about to start, you ready? What are you going to do when you have the baby? (to that question I have an itch to say, whelp, hopefully push it out, but I don't!) Are you going to keep working? Who's taking your position? How's the nursery? Is it all together?" And that is when I draw the line. Please, please, please don't ask about the nursery, it sends me into an emotional crisis 3/4th of the time. Not really, but it's like that is the one thing that isn't quite under control yet, but it's getting there, and it just makes me nervous trying to explain that to everybody. It's getting there. And then people just stare at me.
So, yeah, my life is bananas right now, but I'm going with it, and my motto is "If it doesn't kill ya, it'll make you stronger!"

And with the baby, this bean is growing like crazy. I can definitely tell that I'm getting bigger, or have gotten bigger in like the past week or so. And my belly is getting considerably harder, like all the time =) And the bean no longer limits it's crazy dancing and yoga routine to evenings, it's pretty much an all-day thing, and it is so cool =) I must admit that I've had a good pregnancy and don't have too much to complain about. I get really excited just thinking about my lil bean...

Oh, please pray for my dear friend Alicia, she reeeeeeally needs to crack out her kiddlet, as she's 40 weeks pregnant, ready to have her baby and she doesn't seem to be making much progress. She'll make a wonderful mom and besides, this world could certainly use another cute bean =) I'm thinking it's a girl, but they don't know yet, so that is just another reason to get it here ASAP!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

go ahead and do it

take my POLL and VOTE, let your voice be heard!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This lil kiddlet just makes me laugh. I'm sitting here at the computer and I feel these little tickles down on one side. Like the bean is practicing piano or some type of strumming fingers across the side of my belly, it's funny. I'm a dork, but I'm literally sitting here laughing everytime it happens. I've always been ticklish, now the bean knows it =)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

29 weeks - to pee or not to pee...

Fetal development in pregnancy week 29:
If you’ve been feeling butterflies moving around in your belly, it’s not just your run-of-the-mill pre-birth performance anxiety. No, it’s your amazing baby with a case of the hiccups: a fairly common occurrence at this point resulting from practicing breathing for their big birthday. In addition, to getting a round of butterfly-like hiccups, your little swimmer has arduously managed to accumulate enough baby fat to account for nearly 3.5% of their overall body weight. Yeah, compared to we adults, it’s not a lot, but when they’re little like that—it’s certainly a healthy (and warming) accomplishment in its way. Another fantastic accomplishment: your baby's spleen is now in charge of hematopoiesis—the 10 dollar name for the process involved in building up certain important blood components. Another fantastic-accomplishment: your little monkey has been peeing into their amniotic sac for a little while now (this is why potty training takes a while) and if you didn’t know, actually swallows it along with the rest of the amniotic fluid. Although the concept is nasty, their urine is sterile and as part of the amniotic fluid base, is replaced several times throughout the day. So if you didn’t know before, now you can tell people, that yes, you drank your own urine—you were still in the womb, but nonetheless, you’ve been there.

And how's mom doing? Here’s another new-parenting-issue that you probably don’t have the time or energy to handle: the decision whether or not to breastfeed. If you thought this was one of the obvious ones (stick out breast, attach child, feeding commences!), think again. Right off the bat, there are women that simply cannot breastfeed for medical reasons—and have no choice in the matter but to opt for formula-feeding. Then there are the women who attempt to breast-feed and run out of milk, or the baby won’t latch on (they even have breast-feeding classes because despite the apparent animal-easiness of the behavior, some babies just don’t take to breastfeeding).

Now, if you are planning or deciding whether or not to breastfeed, here are some of the big reasons why it’s a great thing for you and your little “sucker”: breastfeeding actually releases a hormone that will help you relax (and if you don’t nurse milk production will actually cease: i.e. use it or lose it!). If you choose to breastfeed, your body will produce oxytocin—(no, not Oxycotin, Rush Limbaugh already took care of that), which actually increases uterine contractions to decrease post-birth vaginal bleeding.

And the vain reason to breastfeed: all that charming excess body fat you’ve gained is used for milk production, thus making it MUCH easier for you to return to you pre-pregnancy weight. Also, nursing mothers’ bones re-mineralize faster than those who don’t and are less likely to contract ovarian or uterine cancer before and after menopause. Not to mention the fact that breastfeeding means you’re directly bolstering your baby’s immune system. For even more reasons why your child will benefit from breastfeeding, visit

gestational diabetes test

I never did an update with my last appt. I had it a week ago, and everything went good. I was a tad nervous about the gestational diabetes test, just cause. I basically think I have more trouble with my blood sugar being too low, but because I'm pregnant and have actually never had a diabetes test, a part of me couldn't shake the scare. Well, all is fine. I drank the juice and had an appt with the dr. He had a slighlty difficult time finding the heartbeat but that was because the bean was all over the place! He commented that this is an active one today and I said, I just drank that sugar drink for the diabetes test, that made more sense to him. I forgot to ask about the heartbeat. But it tends to be on a downward slide of getting slower and slower, so, I'm anxious to see if the famed ole wives tale of over 140 hpm is a girl and under is a boy! I was up 15 lbs, so that seems to be good. My next appt is Tuesday, August 26th. How crazy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

eating spiders

Ok, so this headline on msn this morning freaked me out, so I clicked and read, this is what I found!
Urban legend has it that every year you swallow about eight spiders — while you sleep. Is that true?

You eat eight spiders every year in your sleep. True?
Nope, says MythBusters. There's no evidence that spiders secretly crawl into our mouths while we're sleeping. Even if you were lying perfectly still, your breathing would scare a spider off, so it's unlikely to hang out around your mouth. Alas, the bad news: You probably consume more spiders when you are awake -- in your food. Here's why: The Food and Drug Administration guidelines allow a certain level of whole insects or parts in some food products, such as those containing fruits or vegetables. Yum

Nasty, huh? Here's the link eating spiders

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

28 weeks - why you look positively bovine!

Fetal development in pregnancy week 28:
You know how you’ve been feeling a bit like a barn with legs? Well, that feeling won’t subside before… well, you know, when you finally give birth. For the time being, you’ve got yourself a baby in the business of collecting fat and lots of it! In spite of the dubious joys of being a human-barn, this baby fat business is very serious and you’ve got to put up with it because it’s going to keep your little porker warm and healthy after birth. Other good stuff from inside: their eyes are doing lots of blinking this week because they’re now able to respond to light and dark. Also, their industrious little bone marrow is now a major construction site for developing red blood cells, while their super-cute adrenal glands are actually producing androgen and estrogen—which will stimulate your hormones to begin milk production. Can you say, “Moo?”

And how's mom doing? If you’re not already fully entrenched, it’s just about time to head into the Name Game field. If you haven’t yet landed on “the perfect name”, there are only about a trillion books (check them out at and websites with head-spinning lists of name possibilities. You can always opt to invent a name as well (like say, “Thygor”). Obviously, naming isn’t always the most straightforward or easy process and not every couple has a name for their child even after birth. Really, just take your time and try to consider any possible mean nicknames they might be inflicted with once they hit adolescence (i.e. What happens when you name your kid “Willy"?).

As if we have to tell you: their little “cute” kicks are getting stronger these days, but just pay attention. If you notice a significant drop in the number of kicks experienced per hour it would be a good idea to tell your physician or mid-wife. But before you start getting anxious, keep in mind that during the final weeks of pregnancy your in-house-football player will be kicking significantly less as they will lack the space to move about as vigorously.

And the belly =)

Friday, August 1, 2008

see this

I need it for the nursery....anyone know how I can make an extra $65 to buy it?!? And for the justification, it's HUGE, so it'll fit perfectly over the diaper changing table, ah, just what I need, it'll be fabulous. The dimensions are 32"x19", I knew you'd be impressed!

dum da-dum dum dum

I have writers block. It's like I have so much to say, but I don't know what...
Pretty much the nursery has been on my mind, here's what I have so far:
I think I've got the idea down. I'm doing white trim and baseboards with a silvery colored wall. I have picked out the crib, dresser, and changing table which will also be white. I already have 2 peices of furniture which are espresso, they are shelf-type units. I'm tying the espresso and white together with a zebra print bumper pad and such from babies r us. And I'll accent with sage green until the baby comes, then I'll move more into blue or pink. It's going to be simple, but hopefully unique and neat looking. Because I have absolutely no idea how long we will be in the room, I'm going with something I can easily redo. It'll come together. I hyperlinked the zebra stuff. It all came to me at around 4:30am, yeah....I don't sleep much sometimes!

Jake is acting weird. I wonder if he knows our life is about to change. Obviously he's living amongst the chaos now, and sometimes has to search for a place to lay down (just kidding, kinda of), but he's just different.

I'm sorta light-headed and have been feeling a off these past couple of days. I went to swim yesterday with Lindsey and couldn't stay long, the heat was really getting to me and I just felt awful. Plus, my sinuses and asthma are kicking in. It's a little early for my allergy season, but whatever. I'm wondering if my body isn't starting to produce more of a certain hormone or a different one all together, because I certainly don't feel quite the same. I have my next dr's appt on Tuesday, and they'll check me for gestational diabetes. I really don't think I have it. I'm more inclined to think my blood sugar and blood pressure is too low as opposed to too high. But we'll see.

Unfortunately, because this is my blog and I want to remember even the finest details about it, I have to bring the good with the bad. I'm more cruel. Eeeek. I don't want to be this way. Jeremy always told me that I would be a crabby pregnant woman and I have tried so hard not to be. Whelp, the other night I told Jeremy, I was going to ask you how I'm doing with my moods and everything while pregnant, but I don't want you to be mean to me and tell me the truth!?! He said, "babe, you've been pretty much the same, except, your more mentally cruel", what!?!? He said your so emotional. And I know that I am. I'm working on that. I could point to about 100 things going on in my life as 'the reason' but I won't. It's not necessary. The point is, I need to be nicer, especially because school's starting and I have to be around people all day. Oy, school's starting. That deserves it's own post.

Well, it's 11am, I just finished off my bowl of oatmeal, I'm still in my pj's, and I'm completely behind on our financial records for the month of July. And since it's now August I better get that completed.

Because this is such a random post and makes no sense I might add that the baby is just moving like crazy, and I LOVE it. We bought a little machine to hear the movement and heartbeat and play the baby music and talk to it, but we haven't used it yet. We tried the heartbeat and movement thing, but it was weird. Maybe I'll go and play this child some Mozart, we need to work on mental stimulation, hehehe!

I'm off, maybe I'll be back later...

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