Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All things pregnancy

All things baby.

I basically have disappeared from the earth this month. I think I'm 27 weeks pregnant and getting ready to start the 3rd trimester. Holy moly. I would say I think thru the 2nd trimester, but that would be far far from the truth.

I've had a dream about the peanut, it was girl. Although with Macy, I had several dreams she was a boy. So, take that with a grain of salt.

I have nothing for this baby except 3 dresses and pair of shoes (I just couldn't resist!) and one outfit for a boy. I think you can find cute stuff for boys, but it's not as easy. I thought if I bought the girl stuff and my friend had a girl, I would give them to her, but she bought a boy. So, I may be stuck with 3 adorable dresses and 1 pair of cute cute shoes for nothing.

However, I wouldn't be sad. A boy would add a lil pizzaz to our family. I can honestly and truthfully say I don't care.

I'm carrying differently this time I feel. I feel longer. But then again, I can hardly remember my name so I have a hard time remembering exactly how I carried with Macy.

I have a harder time bending over, but that's to be expected.

I actually don't get alot of comments over the pregnancy. Recently a few people have mentioned what they think I'm having but in general, a whole lot less than with Macy. And it's probably split girl/boy. With Macy everyone but like 2 people said girl.

This peanut isn't as active either. That freaks me out. Could I really have a laid back child? Uh, probably not.

Peanut is about the size of an eggplant and growing everyday. Fun, fun :)

I have an evergrowing list of things to buy. In another post I'll explain why we haven't done jack diddly with it though.

I have some belly pics, but because I'm actually SITTING down and BLOGGING, I don't wanna go get my camera and upload them right now. I will later. PROMISE.

I am generally just so excited that I'm having another baby. It is different though. There are days I feel like I've been pregnant forever and a day and other days I feel hardly pregnant. I get nostalgic thinking about Macy not being my only baby, or the baby, any more and I just want to bottle up this time and savor it. She's amazing, but that's for another post, "All things Macy Grace", it should be a good one :)

oh my.....

So much has happened. I don't really even to know where to start.

I'm breaking these next few posts up into "all about" posts. Otherwise this could be the longest post in the history of time.

Next up, "all about baby"!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

pictures, pictures, I have pictures!!

A few anyway!

april 057 copy

Your only getting this one because Macy is adorable, I look like lard.
april 052 2

It is important to note Macy's pink finger nail polish =)
april 055 2

Nice and blurry, but it's what you get when you combine late at night with a flash livin in a cave and a husband with a camera ;)
april 076 2

And my birthday cake =)
april 063

After my piece!
april 064

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy April :)

I get this ridiculous giddy feeling when April comes around :)
I hate winter. Although I love Christmas, I'm so not a winter person. I get the winter blues, seriously during the months of January and February. March is nice,
but truthfully, here in SW Kansas, March can be just as chilly and drab as January. But April, we are typically in the clear for bright sunny days :) And maybe a little rain, but for the most part snow is out of the picture. Mostly. A few years ago, it snowed 6 inches on my birthday, April 14th. Niiiiice.

Spring is so wonderful in April. I love the pastels that fill the store and little chocolate bunny and chicks, along with easter eggs and frilly dresses. It's such a renewed time of year and season :)

Macy loves it too! It means we get to go outside and she just loves being outdoors. I'm excited to move because we really do plan on having a nicer yard for her to play in. Which means a nicer yard for me to relax in, and to barbeque :) And drink lemonade, because it is like my most favorite drink!

After church last Sunday we snapped a photos, because it's our life, and we love it!

img 001

img 008

img 010

img 012

img 015

img 018

img 019

I love her chubby lil fingers =)

I'm really loving how independent lil love is these days! It's wonderful. I love it when she's hungry she just crawl up in her highchair and wait for me to notice! This morning she had some blueberry pancakes and a clementine cutie orange.

We love those around the house nowadays!

I'm also loving some tulips....what color should I buy? I'm going to the store later today and I'm thinking I need a spring bouquet =)

So excited, my head is rolling over with many many things going on in my life with preparing for peanut, the move, just the general 'nesting' stage of my life, the inability to sit still, always wanting to get things done, spring cleaning, and enjoying life!

No time to slow down =)

Love you all, have a blessed day!

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