Friday, November 28, 2008

just a few pictures

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 on Tuesday, er, um, Wednesday...

So, yesterday I failed to report my blog....gosh, I didn't provide an update for a whole week, what is wrong with me?!? goes...
okay, it's Friday, I started this post and didn't finish, so, needless to say, there is alot, I'll try to...

1. Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was so good to eat a delicious turkey dinner and reflect on the blessings in my life.
2. Blessings. I have so many, but one on the top of my list is life in general and my family. My dear husband and wonderful daughter are my joy.
3. Christmas, it's getting closer =) Jeremy is off right now picking up my christmas decorations so I can put up my tree today =)
4. Black Friday today was absolutely ridiculous and I choose to not do that again by myself for a very long time!
5. Macy Grace had a dr's appt this week, she has gained a pound, my itty bitty is growing =)
6. I bought Macy Grace 2 new outfits today, I love being a mom! And I have officially started my christmas shopping, my parents and Jeremy's parents - counted for!
7. I took some pictures this last week of Macy Grace and I'll try to get them up and posted.
8. I took Macy Grace to school for show-and-tell in my class this last Monday. It was so neat to see my students again and talk to them about Macy Grace and make crafts together, then we ate turkey dinner.
9. We actually had 3 turkey dinners this year, and each of them were equally delicious. I don't tire of turkey dinner, I could seriously chow down on another one right now =)
10. I've lost all but 6lbs to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight which I know will be the hardest to loose because it's the fat part of pregnancy. But I'm only 3 weeks out, I'm waiting until the new year to really focus on it. However, it would be very nice to have more than 1 pair of non-maternity jeans to wear...I'm pretty sure Maurices is calling my name ;)

So there ya have it, I have much much more to update on though. My next post will include pictures, yeah!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 on Tuesday =)

A blog I follow religiously has a 10 on Tuesday and I would like to follow that same trend. Hopefully, it will help to keep up with my blogging habits and I can continue to provide fun details on my life and the love the Macy Grace.
So, for my first 10 on Tuesday...

1. I enjoy blogging. I wish more of my friends would keep blogs, I think it's an awesome way to keep up with each other's lives and have something to look back on, like a journal. I've only been blogging since this year, but I'm already addicted and I love it.

2. Jeremy and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary and I failed to blog it. Ugh. So, in honor, it was Wednesday, November 12th, and we stayed home and snuggled with our precious bundle of love. We did not exchange cards or gifts, we just reminded each other that day of the significance. Actually, we bought a new entertainment console the week before and just said it was our anniversary present to each other. It's hard to imagine that 3 years have gone by that Jeremy and I said "I do" and enjoyed that luxurious honeymoon. It's had its ups and its downs, but it has definitely been worth it, here's a pic of that day:

3. I love our new home. I have yet to take pictures simply because it hasn't been picture savvy, but they are soon to come.

4. I am very very proud of our furbaby Jake. He was somewhat jealous at first of Macy Grace but has certainly come around and is even somewhat protective of her. I'm sure it annoys people when they stop by and he's on edge, but they are holding his little baby sister and soon-to-be best friend. And I want him that way.

5. I'm itching to start decorating for Christmas, I can't wait. And I realized why the bug is hitting me so hard right now - Thanksgiving is a week later this year then usual, so normally, I would have already had my decor out and ready to be put up this week. But it will wait until next Friday....eee, how fun =)

6. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'm looking forward to the meal. I love Thanksgiving. Ah, turkey, mashed tators, pie, dinner rolls, corn, pie, noodles, deviled eggs, pie, ham, green bean cassarole, pie....and the Macy's Day Parade, I'll be sure to have Macy Grace up on her boppy so she see can the tv ;) And black Friday shopping for Christmas gifts, I've still yet to make a stradegy for hitting the sales with a newborn.

7. Which reminds me, I am very behind on christmas lists and shopping and cards this year. Very behind. But that's fine, I have a baby.

8. Another reason I'm ubber excited about Christmas? Every year, Jeremy and I go see a movie and this one is released on Christmas day, perfect. Two years ago, Jeremy bought me this book out of pure fun because of the yellow lab on the front, needless to say, I read it very quickly and immediately fell in love. The good news, they have made a movie and it's called Marley and Me!

9. I'm going to try to take Macy Grace's newborn pictures tomorrow and get our birth announcements made. I've been tracing the internet for ideas and have a few, hopefully she'll cooperate. She knows her mommy is an aspiring photographer and she needs to be photogenic. She is my one stationary subject that can't tell me that's enough, because even when she cries it's cute so I take a pic ;)

10. I took a nap today. Why is that worth blogging? Because I'm not usually a nap taker and I look around my house and see the mess that has accumulated since Saturday with the shower and I'm reminded of everything I need to do. Then I remembered, I have a baby, she's a week old, it's okay for the house to be a mess. At least until tonight when Jeremy can help me clean.

I suppose I finished the task, take the challenge, I would love to keep up with your 10 on Tuesdays!

Monday, November 17, 2008

playing catch up...aka, a very long post!

It has been a few days since I've made an entry....I can't figure out why, hm. I've been crazy busy and it is difficult to post with one hand while the other is busy holding the most precious lil bundle of joy ever. Normally, I like to have 2 hands for that, she is cuddly. But I wanted to provide a little catch up over the past few days.

Macy Grace is doing fabulous at sleeping and eating. I'm not up every 2 hours with her, she normally eats about every 3-4 hours. Which is great. Sometimes during the day she will get hungry around 2-3 hours, but mostly it's at least 3 even 4 hours apart.

She has grown so much and changed. Every time someone sees her they comment that she has changed, and I know she will continue to do so for quite some time now. She still has her patch of red between her eyes, I suppose it will fade through time. We'll ask the dr next week for her first pediatric visit.

Today at a mere 9 days old, we crossed to milestones. She took the pacifier for the first time (and it was SO cute!) and we decided it was time for size 1 diapers - no more newborns. After 2 blowouts in a row, we needed to make the switch. My itty bitty is no longer in newborn diapers, that's sad. We should be in size one for a little while though.

This weekend held a few fun things though. She had her baby shower on Saturday and went to church for the first time yesterday. And she looked mightly adorable in her outfits. (I'll post pics at the end of the post of everything.) Her shower was a great success. I have a lot of thank you notes to fill out and send, but I'll manage. We were so blessed we wonderful gifts. I can't think of anything that Macy Grace needs that she didn't receive. I'm just so thankful. The outfit that she wore was a gift for her Auntie Tif and we love it - she just looks so stylish in it for a week old baby =) At her shower, the guests were asked to write down pieces of advice for me as a mother and the cards were given to me, it was very special. I received some great tips. But mostly everyone said to just enjoy the time, because they grow up so fast, that made me cry. I love sitting and hugging on my baby, I don't want to grow up and change, I love her cuddly little body that just lets me hold her and she doesn't try to slip away. It's moments like that I just want time to stand still for a while.

I'm going to make another post about some of the neat items she received and I'll provide a review on them for future reference.

I am trying to take a picture every Saturday (since that is the day she was born) for a whole year, that is my goal. It will be interesting to see how much she changes.

I'm providing pictures then I'm going to work on this ever growing mass around me of baby things and get it all organized, oh, baskets are calling my name =)

Never mind me, but I like this one of Macy Grace

Ready for the party!

At the shower

The presents unwrapped and in our living room

One week old!

Macy Grace's first Sunday dress

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I just can't help myself....

Isn't she just so adorable?

Macy Grace

I promised pictures and here are a few...


I have a few thoughts that have been generating inside of my head that I would like to share. I don't know how much you'll enjoy reading these, but they are mainly for me I suppose.

I loved being pregnant. I really did. I wasn't sick hardly at all, I was able to continue about my daily activities, I gained some weight (28 lbs to be exact)and at times felt huge, but overall felt great. I had a wonderful pregnancy.
I'm sad my first time to be pregnant is over. That was my last first time mom thing.
And I'm excited about being pregnant again!
I even enjoyed labor and delivery. Looking back that hour between 3:45 and 4:45 was rough, but how on earth can I complain, 1 hour of hard labor....that's nothing.
I love Macy Grace so much. I feel sad that she is no longer inside of me and I have to share her with the world but at the same time, I'm going to love introducing her to everyone.
I wanted my 'old body' back but hated losing that I shared it with someone so special.
Jeremy named Macy Grace. We had 3 names we both loved and I didn't love one of them more than the other so I left that to him. When she was born he instantly said, Macy Grace. And it is so perfect for her.
Jeremy was incredible during my entire pregnancy, labor, and delivery. He was absolutely amazed at the process of delivery and so supportive and encouraging through out it as well.
I stare at Macy Grace and share things with her about how much I love her, how special she is, and how I will do absolutely anything in the world for her. She is my baby girl.
After Macy Grace was born, and it was just the 3 of us in our room, Jeremy was holding her and I'll never forget looking over in the recliner and seeing him cry. He isn't a crier but I asked if he was okay and he just shook his head and said, She's my baby. I'll never, ever forget that.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been tagged

I just realized mommymoreno tagged me, I'm to list 7 random facts about myself....hmph.
I'll try, here goes...
1. I think cookies are my favorite dessert, I love them, and it doesn't matter the flavor, they are all delicious.
2. I'm addicted to handbags.
3. I'm a container junkie, anything that makes anything look organized, I want it.
4. I have OCD on the most ridiculous things, for example, the toliet paper roll, MUST be over, not under.
5. I don't like going to the dentist, but need to because I have a cavity right now and I've put it off my entire pregnancy.
6. I'm letting Jake (my furbaby) lick my spoon - don't worry, I'm finished with it =)
7. I love fun looking socks. I never wear shoes that show my socks but I like fun socks to wear around the house, i.e., snowmen, pumpkins, etc.

Now I tag, Kari and Mandy. And anyone else following along, if you do it, post a comment and I'll go check 'em out!

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Monday, November 10, 2008

sorry I've been away....but for a good reason, I had the bean!!!!!

I truly did not mean to go MIA on ya'll. We have moved and I've had trouble accessing the internet and especially my blog for some reason. I intended to update especially when heading to the hospital, but that just didn't work.

Sorry this is so long, I've worked on it through out the day, I'm home but am having trouble with my blog. I know it's long and drawn out and I've included alot of details that are probably irrelevant for ya'll but it's my story and I only wanted to type it once! Here goes....

Friday was a normal day for me, actually looking back it seems so long ago! But that is the day I received the news of my friend Shirley delivering a preemie at 32 1/2 weeks (he's doing good btw, they are thinking she passed a group b strep to him - you don't get tested until 35-37 weeks and she had it before in delivering her baby girl, so they are thinking that maybe that was the culprit, although they won't know for a couple of more days). Anywho, that day I took a walk, hung curtains, I was so busy and so ready to have this lil baby. That evening Jeremy and I went to Walmart to pick up a few things and we chatted with some friends. I reported to them that I felt normal but I'm CONVINCED that everyday is closer (that is what keeps me sane!). We left Walmart around 10:30pm and I had had like 3 contractions in the 2 hours prior - nothing really I was used to them. I came home and ate a sandwich, took my vitamins and decided that I would put together an entertainment console that we had purchased that evening. By this time it was around 11pm and I sat down to open the box and read the instructions and I just didn't have the energy, so I told Jeremy I was going to lay down and read and get ready for bed. So, that I did. I had a couple of contractions in my lower back but they were far and few between, and besides I got them on a normal basis when lying down, it was when I was up and around they would subside. Jeremy came in and asked if I was going to have the baby that night and I said I didn't know, he replied with "I hope so" then kissed me, it was sweet! I fell asleep around 11:45pm and suddenly woke up at 12:45am with a contraction. Then I had another one. And another one. They were a bout 5-7 minutes apart the best I could tell. I got up and went to the bathroom and told Jeremy I thought I was having some contractions. I had some thick mucous brown and red tinged when I went to the bathroom and hoped this meant progress! (I really hadn't had much before then and to what I could tell hadn't lost my plug either.) I asked Jeremy to bring the laptop into our bedroom and try to time the contractions using contraction master. We tried, but couldn't get it to work right, so I just used my stopwatch on my cell phone. By this time it was around 1:30am and was having them consistently 5-7 minutes apart. Jeremy thought maybe I should get up and do some things because they normally stop when I'm active, hence false labor. I really wanted to go walking but not that late at night outside, so we considered going back to Walmart to just walk and see what they do. He took a couple of last pictures of my pregnant in the nursery in front of the crib and we loaded the car. We needed to stop at the other house and pick up a few things from there. When we left it was around 2:15am and remembered I forgot my pillow but my contractions were hurting and I thought we should just go to the hospital. Well, we get in the parking lot and Jeremy informs me that he forgot his cell phone. Because we only live a few minutes from the hospital, I told him to go back and get it and my pillow, so we did. We got back to the hospital at 2:30am and between my contractions I would say, if this isn't real I'll be embarassed, I don't want to go home, but dang, these hurt. So, we decided we would just go in and get checked and if they would keep me, Jeremy would go get our bags. I was in a room at 2:45 and they hooked me up to the contraction monitor and I was indeed having them, about 5 minutes apart. The nurse checked me and I was only 1-2 centimeters, I was disappointed because that is what I was in the dr's office on Wednesday. She didn't say it, but I could tell she was thinking I would probably go home. The one nurse was so sweet though, everytime I had a contraction she would stop asking me questions and just encourage me to breathe through it. At about 3:05 I had a hard one and I looked at the other nurse and said, "Dang, these hurt, she told me that I was just getting started and I had along way to go", needless to say, she wasn't that sympathetic. I decided that I needed to brave up and handle it. That is when I started throwing up. I told the nurse when I get in pain, I throw up. And I did. Twice. Each through a contraction. Then I told her, I felt like I lost fluid, she checked and said, yes, it was your water and there is meconium in the fluid, your a keeper! She assured me that the meconium was okay especially since I was overdue and asked how I felt about pain meds. I asked about my options and decided that if needed I wanted an epidural. She told me she would call my dr and give him my progress and ask when he would allow me to get any pain meds started. She left the room, I had a contraction, I was in there alone since Jeremy went to the car to get our bags and I puked, EVERYWHERE, it was horrible. I almost started to cry and called the nurse and she was in to clean me up. I was hurting and throwing up - nice! She issued me some phenegren for nausea through an iv. Jeremy was back and got out the video camera and documented that it was 3:37am, that my water broke at 3:15am and I was a keeper. I went to the bathroom and had massive diaherra, and bloody show, big time. I hurt. I came out and the nurse said the dr said I could have an epidural whenever I wanted one and told me that it would take about an hour to get everything going. So I said to start the process and we would go from there. I told her about that I felt pressure in the bathroom and she said, not to push but if I had diaherra or anything to just let it come, lovely. At this time, it was 4:00am she decided to check me again while waiting for the lab tech to come take blood and to my amazement, I was 6 centimeters dialated! We realized at that point that time was not on our side for me to get an epidural and they would need to work fast or I progress slow if I was to get in by 7 centimeters. I told the nurse I hope I can get this, I really want it, she told me she couldn’t guarantee anything and they would try. She also said she would need to check me again before he issued it to see my progress. The anestesiologist dr came at about 4:40am and began the process. During that 1 hour from 3:30am to 4:30am, I had some very strong contractions and I was hurting, and hurting very badly. It was difficult to concentrate and breathe through the contractions because of the phenegran, it makes you very drowsy and sort of lethargic. I just kept telling to breathe and take it one contraction at a time. I was squeezing Jeremy’s hand and just tried to keep focus on the ceiling and breathe. It was difficult for me, they are painful and you have to breathe and concentrate and I struggled a couple of times. I just kept telling myself breathe and Jeremy would tell me I’m doing good. - that helped. After my epidural, I felt better immediately. I was amazed at how quickly it took effect and the instant relief. The nurse checked me at 5:10am after it was in and working and I was dilated at a 9 ½!!! I was moving so quickly and it wouldn’t be long and I would have this little baby. She called the dr and he said to have my labor down on my own and just relax. I felt marvelous. Jeremy said it was so different, I was talking and laughing and just having a good time, not like I was contracting and having a baby. I labored for about an hour and around 6:10am she had me begin doing some practice pushes and called the dr, because the head was right there. I started pushing and it was hard work. I figured that the pushing would be the hardest for me because I don’t have a lot of endurance nor upper body strength. I pushed until 6:40am and they went and got the dr, he came in, sat down and started checking a few things. They wanted me to start pushing again around 6:50am. I really focused and had Jeremy support my back because I didn’t have the arm strength to pull up and push out, my arms were weak and shaking. I was actually shaking a lot during my labor process, the nurse said it was my hormones, but I remember not even being able to hold my cup to drink because I was shaking so badly. At one point I told the nurse I couldn’t do this , she reminded me I was the only one who could and it was the hardest work I would ever do, and that I could do it. The nurse seemed like it was odd that I wanted Jeremy to push up on my back, but that is what worked for me. I started to get the ring of fire feeling and it burned, even through my epidural, I was surprised. I did feel the pressure to push and it was like a huge bowel movement. I was in my second push with the dr there and I looked at Jeremy and he was messing with the camera (I didn’t know that then) and sort of hit him and said “Pay attention, what are you doing?” Everyone laughed. I started pushing again and after a couple of pushes, I felt a warm sliding sensation and thought it was my water or blood or something after that push, I said “Push again? “ And they said no honey, your baby is out! I was shocked. It was complete silence. No one said anything. It was the longest 2 seconds ever. I looked at Jeremy and he looked down there and I looked around and the nurse said, “Well, are you going to tell her?” Speaking to Jeremy, he was supposed to tell me either the baby was a boy or girl. He had out the camera and right then the baby let out a little cry and Jeremy said, “What does it sound like?“ I said, “A little girl“, and he said, “Your right!” At 7:02am, on November 8th, only 4 hours and 17 minutes after checking into my room, Macy Elizabeth Grace was born. She is so beautiful, she has dark hair like her daddy and dark eyes. She has a very pretty complexion and perfect lips. We are in love. She had some dry skin and red splotches that have started to fade and a little baby acne. She weighed 7 lbs 12 ounces and was 20 ½ inches long. I am truly blessed to have been able to be pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby, I am just thanking and praising and the Lord. Macy Grace is doing good, I am breast feeding and it has been going good. I have a few stitches from a minor tear and I’m pretty sore from the pushing. I passed a lot of blood and have had quite a bit of cramping. My back , neck, shoulders, and arms are still aching but I’m healing nicely and getting around fine enough.

Sorry I couldn't update sooner, we didn't have wi-fi at the hosptial and it's been a busy day. I'm home and will get caught up here on the blog as I have time.

I have lots of pictures to share, but for starters, here are two!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

dr's appt

I should have known, this is my child, and I struggle with being on time, BUT I'm not this late....come on bean!
I had another dr's appt today, all went well. I haven't gained any weight since last week, so that is a good thing, my blood pressure and baby's heartrate were right on. I asked about a weight/size prediction and he guessed 8 lbs 2 ounces, yikes! Not sure if I wanted to hear that or not. He didn't use an u/s, just a guesstimation. I'm anxious to see how close he is! Dr checked me and my cervix is slightly softer than last week, I'm making some progress at least. Again, I denied the chance to induce. My dr is not induce happy, he said if it was his choice he would want every woman to wait it out, but as we know that isn't always possible. He was just leaving me with the option to have an induction if that is what I wanted/needed for some reason.
And I feel good so there really isn't any reason to rush things, that is just my personal opinion and how I feel personally about having this baby. But we did discuss the options if I don't go within the next week. I have an appt scheduled for next Wednesday the 12th(which I REALLY don't want to have the baby then, that's my anniversary!), and should I make that appt I would have an NST (non stress test) and schedule an induction for Friday the 14th. He really doesn't see it coming to that point, but we set up a plan of action to take if needed.
I have mixed emotions about the entire thing. Do I want an induction? I feel like I have expressed enough that NO I don't. But knowing there is a for sure date at the end, the 14th, I can handle that. It's 9 more days. And like I said, I feel good, I'm not miserable, I'm okay.
I did cry however on the way to the dr's office. Then I gained my composure and went in like a big girl. Before I left Jeremy kept asking me why I was crying. I told him I didn't want to go today, I wanted to be at the hospital or home with my baby in my arms. I told him how stressed I was that I might have to have an induction and with him going back to work next Friday I would be home alone with a newborn. He assured me we would just take the weekend off and deal with it later. That helped, I just hope it's really that easy.
After everything with Heather, I'm just reminded about the gift of life. Thank you Jesus for protecting me and my lil baby this far, it is only by your grace and goodness that I'm even pregnant, moreless still carrying my child.

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nursery pics

I really wanted to wait until it was all put together but it's going to be a while because I need to order a few things and finish the touches once the bean arrives, so here they are. The room is good size, just hard to photograph, so I'm going to try to video it and put it on here, but until then, here they are.
looking in from door

changing table, need a couple more baskets and hang up those frames for over the bed

the dresser and the shelf above it, I couldn't get one whole shot of the piece

I obviously need to get some more things together for the nursery, but it's a start.

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please pray

A dear online buddy of mine went in for her routine 38 week checkup and they found no heartbeat via doppler or ultrasound for their baby girl. Her name is Heather, and she was forced to deliver a stillborn baby early Tuesday morning, I'm aching and breaking for her, her husband Jeff, and their baby Grace. It was a random cord accident in which the cord was tangled around Grace's leg and formed a clot, there was absolutely no way of knowing or preventing this tragic accident. Please pray for her and her husband, I just can't imagine the pain they are feeling.

I know there are several women that follow this blog which are pregnant and I do not share this story to scare you, but to just ask for prayer, as you know I still have an unborn baby also, so this hits very close to home with me as with you. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm still here.....

This is cross-posted from this morning:

Welp, it's 6am and I'm up....not in labor. It sucks, big time. I prepared myself mentally to go into labor today, Tuesday or tonight Tuesday night, I do not want to go to the my dr's appt tomorrow, I seriously think I will cry if I do. I'm on the verge of tears right now. I feel like if we had the baby in a few more days maybe we would be more prepared, but really I don't think so.
Jeremy took off work and has to go back Friday the 14th and everyday we don't have this baby it's just more days that he looses helping me and being with me and the baby AFTER the baby is born....urgh.
Everything seems so backward, when I'm standing around I'll have a few contractions (which I can't stand around all day, I'm exhausted!), when I sit I feel like I need to pee and my lower tummy just aches and when I lay down I have alot of lower back pain and menstrual type cramping.
I'm ready, so so ready.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

the ticker's lying...

The bean is not 3 days old, it's still in the oven, and I must say, I'm one fabulous "baby-baker" =)
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

the end.

I made it. I feel like I should be receiving flowers or some reward as I made it to the end of my pregnancy. Or haven't I? I mean, technically, I am past my due date, shouldn't this be over?
I was laying in bed last night with Jeremy and told him I feel like this is as good as it gets (and I must add, I feel REALLY good for being in my 41st week of pregnancy!). I completed the mission. It doesn't feel like there is anything else. I don't feel like I'm getting a baby out of this, it just doesn't feel real. To me it just seems like gameover, you won, on to the next thing. But I know that isn't how it ends. Actually, it's just the beginning. I'm going to go to the hospital and have a baby and bring it home and I'll be responsible for this precious lil baby for forever. But it just doesn't seem real. Pregnancy, it's real. Getting a baby in the end, not so much. I've been advised, it'll seem real enough in no time! I suppose they are right, but I feel like I should be waking up some time soon and no more baby belly, and no baby....because I finished the game.

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