Friday, February 25, 2011


Because the weather is cold outside.
Because I'm OVER the cold weather.
Because I'm making coffee.
Because I just ate peach mango salsa at 9am.

I'm hoping to start blogging again.
I experience a huge blogger burnout. Last year. It makes me sad to really really think about it. I had a lot going on. I got tired. I had no energy. I feel like I've been behind on life for well, I would say, almost a year. It's frustrating. I experienced a very emotional and draining pregnancy. I wanted to blog, but I couldn't. Then I had the sweetest little boy in the world and adjusting to life with two babies and trying to get a business off the ground has been, exhausting at best. Ashton is now 7 months old and I finally feel like I'm getting a grip on my life again.

Ashton was sitting in the swing this morning and Macy Grace was practically laying on top of him, and the conversation went like this:
"Assston, I love you. Smoooooches. Give me eskimo kisses. Good. Give my butterfly kisses. Ah, good baby. I loooove you."
And it warmed my heart.

Because I found Macy 'nursing' her baby using my boppy the other day and because I can jump up and down, talk wild and do crazy things, only to get a smile out of my chubbster and all Miss Grace has to do is throw something across the room and look at Ashton they belly giggle for 45 seconds. Is that the sibling bond that can't be broken nor understood?

Because of these things, I want to start blogging again :)


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